High Variance Vs Low Variance Slot Machines

When it comes to playing slot machines, people usually look for entertainment in the form of a friendly interface, enjoyable music, cool visual effects, and great prizes. They also want them to pay out frequently and in large quantities.

These games are programmed to do all of the above, except for the last two. You must choose between being paid big prizes with less frequency, or keep winning small amounts more often.

This winning opportunities/payout size relation is called "variance" or "volatility." There are also medium variance slots that stand in the middle from both approaches.

What Does Low Variance Mean

It's a game which software is designed to pay more often small prizes. Here's a list of things you should consider when playing low-volatility games.

  • Your bankroll is more likely to last longer: since you'll be continually recovering small amounts from your bets, chances are you'll have a more comfortable cash flow.
  • You should frequently be monitoring your bankroll: more wins are necessarily great news, especially if you're not recovering something close to your bet. Don't get distracted by the change clanging sounds and winning alarms and pay attention to the size of your earnings.
  • They usually have more paylines: with more chances and opportunities to win, these slots are pretty enjoyable and entertaining and will fit small budgets for having a good time.

What Does High Variance Mean

These games present with an exciting option for larger budgets. Their algorithm has been designed to give away the biggest prizes, but with less frequency. Pay attention to the following information when considering the one that suits you best.

  • Professionals suggest that the best way to take advantage of these slot machines is to retire when a big win has been reached.
  • Make sure you have a nice-looking bankroll. It's not smart to play with little money since you're going to have to back up your time in play.
  • Instead, make sure you're strong enough to go through not-winning periods until you hit that big prize.
  • Be patient: They will keep you at the edge of your seat, but keep in mind that abandoning too early in the game could definitely work against your strategy. Stay strong and wait for the grand prize.

Where To Find The Information

Understanding slot machines requires commitment from your part to perform a small online investigation. Every respectable casino has their slot machines' information available, or at least the name of the software provider.

Having that, you'll be able to know the game's variance, theme, minimum and maximum prizes, and most of the game's information.

Go ahead and ask yourself the following question: What do I find more entertaining? To win 10 credits 25 times? Or to earn 250 credits on a big win? It's all about what's more enjoyable for you as a player.

Understanding Slot Machines -And Yourself As A Player

Remember, the best way to find out of a game is good and entertaining in our very personal way, is to play it for free. This way you won't be risking your real money to find out if you're comfortable waiting for a big pot, or prefer to make small, exciting little earnings more often. High variance vs low variance? Try them out first!