Players Privacy Protection for Developing Trust- Our Laws and Regulations

In order to ensure that our users enjoy an anonymous experience, we take special care in securing the information that we collect online.

Online casino compare website does not ask for any personal information. When users sign up for the newsletter, they are required to provide their email addresses. Apart from that, we only register the user’s IP address and the date on which he/she has subscribed. This information remains secure with the website and is never intended to be sold or misused.

Our website does not tolerate spam, just like our users would not like to as well. Any user can unsubscribe to the newsletter by notifying us through an e-mail.

It is important for users to know that our website compares different casinos and does not provide services on its own. This privacy policy is only pertinent to those who visit our websites for comparing purposes. We do not represent the policies of the various casinos that we compare, as they are subject to their own laws and regulations.

What we do to ensure that our users are safe and secure, we check the privacy policies of the casinos featuring on our website and cross check that they comply with the Canadian laws and regulations. Almost all of the websites have explicit privacy policies that strictly guard the privacy of their customers as well. They rely on not sharing their customers’ information until or unless proper permission has been guaranteed.


The laws pertinent to cookies are strictly observed by us. The cookies that are used are only for Google analytics. The use of google analytics is imperative in order to determine the traffic on our website.

Our website looks at the website that the user has redirected from, the pages a user visits, the type of the browser and the duration each user spends on the website. This helps us in shaping a better experience for our users.

The information collected is not subject to any kind of sharing or off-loading, it rather stays secure with our website.

The cookies can also be switched off if the user does not want the website to track his/her activity. However, turning off would mean that the user would not be able to engage while attempting to play casino online.

For any questions or queries, you can contact us or visit the disclaimer page!